From Dr. Sonnee's past workshops and retreats.


Judy K.

Mill Valley, CA

"Dr. Sonnee Weedn offers a variety of retreats, each with activities conducive to introspection, personal exploration, challenge and ultimately optimism. Dr. Weedn uses a unique approach in creating her retreats. Her extensive clinical background combined with her multidimensional spiritual approach make her one of a kind in a world seeking balance of mind, body and spirit."


Michelle W., LCSW

Los Angeles, CA

'Thank you for the most wonderful, gentle, loving, introspective, beautiful time. Sonnee, you did an amazing job. I loved every second of it."


Bill S.

Novato, CA

"Wow! What an incredible experience The World of Wisdom was. I feel so fortunate to have the spirituality that you have shared as a big part of my life. You have inspired me to grow in this area."


Lesley R.


"The sweat lodge experience was incredible… from the prayer ties, to the ceremony. I loved the sessions with Luisah Teish and Dana Patterson; both helped me dig deeper. I also loved the 'Talking Circle' and 'Potlatch' ceremony. It was amazing!"


Linda H., MFT

Petaluma, CA

"As always, I find your workshops enriching — both to mind and spirit. I found this last one to be exactly what I needed."


Jack B., MD

San Francisco, CA

"I found Sensing the Sacred to be a tremendous experience which I know will contribute to my overall spiritual, personal and emotional growth. Lench is a wise and impressive teacher; I found myself hanging on to his every word and sensed that he seemed to say exactly what I needed to hear… I experienced myself in a very reflective space and decided to reorganize my meditation room and altar, making it even more sacred to me."

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